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Timeline of AKVA group%27s history

The world´s leading cage brand

AKVA group is the world’s leading supplier of both plastic and steel cages. Polarcirkel, the most recognized brand in aquaculture, invented the plastic cage concept in Norway in 1974, and has since supplied more than 45,000 cages worldwide.
In order to ensure the highest possible quality, competitive pricing and on-time deliveries, the cages and components are manufactured in many different regions. All cages are installed by professional installation teams and serviced by professional AKVA group service technicians. AKVA group invests heavily in innovative and professional R&D in order to remain the leading supplier of cages; not only to improve products in the short term, but also to look into the future of tomorrow’s demands for cage technology. The Polarcirkel cage include smart solutions like fully integrated walkways, sinker tube systems, safety floatation and system redundancies.

All-Plastic-Cages: A well proven concept in flexible cage design for extreme conditions.

Experience is a crucial success factor in the fish farming business. AKVA group (Polarcirkel) invented the plastic cage in 1974, and has since supplied more than 45,000 Polarcirkel Cages and 2,000 Polarcirkel Boats. The cages are made from raw materials especially suited for the dynamic loads of the sea and are available in a wide range of models, shapes and sizes to suit individual needs. Many have tried to copy these products, but none have managed to match the genuine Polarcirkel designs and quality builds. Plastic cages started out as small single pipe circles, but now our largest models exceeds 200 m circumference, and with floating pipes of 630 mm diameter. Both circular and square cage systems are available. Combined with AKVA group´s global sales and service network, the Polarcirkel Cage is well proven and recognized worldwide.

Safe Polarcirkel walkways

In order to increase crew safety on fish farms, another Polarcirkel innovation was launched in 1999; the integrated Polarcirkel Walkways. The anti-skid walkway panels fit securely between the two floating pipes, forming a stable and safe working surface. The PE pressure moulded panels are held in place with strong and flexible continuous PE tubing inter-locking the panels to the PIM brackets.
The first Polarcirkel cage in 1974.
The ”Coast Guard” on Svalbard.
The old 225mm and new 500mm.

A trusted steel concept since 1985

Wavemaster began producing steel cages in Ireland in 1985 and today supplies cages to all the major world markets. Production started in Canada in 1988 and in Chile in 1990.
Wavemaster has developed a reputation for quality products that provide maximum reliability and cost effectiveness. The large number of cages currently in use on a wide variety of sites, operating under diverse wave and wind climates in more than twelve regions of the world, has demonstrated the reliability of the Wavemaster design.

Produced locally and designed to suit local markets, Wavemaster pens provide the most cost effective steel cages available to the industry. A skilled service department supports our products.
Wide walkways - an ideal platform.
Cage in ice cold conditions.
New Wavemaster cages in Scotland.

The inventor of modern fish feeding systems

The Akvasmart brands started out in 1980 as the founder of AKVA, Mr. Ole Molaug, invented the world’s first centralised feed system for fish farms together with his partners Gunnar Kluge, Odd Skjæveland and Sveinung Havrevold.
The Norwegian based company was then called Akva A/S and located in the town of Bryne (just south of Stavanger). The feed system became known as the Akvamarina feed system. Ole Molaug is one of Norway’s most recognized industrial inventors and constructors. Some of his most significant achievements include the spray paint robot for the automotive industry in the early 60’s, a remote controlled oil well tractor-robot for the North Sea oil industry in the 90’s, a remote controlled crane hook system in 2006 and at 75 years old he is now working on a new fuel saving concept.

Akva A/S soon became the world’s leading supplier of feed systems, and has today supplied well over 2,000 systems. In addition to the feeding systems, the company also started developing various feed- and environmental sensors, including the Doppler pellet sensor and various underwater and surface video camera systems. 

In 2000, Akva A/S merged with Superior Systems AS (leading supplier of biological production control software systems) and Aquasmart International (a major supplier of adaptive feeding technology). The new company was named AKVAsmart ASA.

In the fall of 2006, AKVAsmart merged with Wavemaster (world’s leading steel cage supplier) and Helgeland Plast / Polarcirkel (world’s leading plastic cage supplier). The new company was named AKVA group ASA and this company went public on
Oslo Stock Exchange in November 2006.
Success story from the ´80-ties.
Proud Norwegian software user.
The innovative CCS Feed Selector.

The leader in aquaculture software

We make your fish talk! This is done by collecting data from a wide range of sources, then process this into information, knowledge and decision support. Fishtalk is the best software concept for full production control at farm level, because fish production control has always been AKVA’s focus and core business!

Leading solutions

Fishtalk, the new language in aquaculture, is the leading decision support and management software in the aquaculture industry. As up to 80 % of production costs are managed by the farm manager, Fishtalk is designed to be the best software that provides full production control at farm level combined with full multi-level management control.

Intelligent integration

Fishtalk is also the first software that efficiently integrate biological production control software with the Akvasmart feed systems and environmental sensors (same data base). Data is entered once, which means less administration work and less errors. Data from the feed system and all environmental sensors are logged automatically. This tight integration enables vast ”drill down” opportunities for powerful reporting and analysis.

Powerful reporting

Customized reports and graphs are memorized to include only the information you need and at scheduled dates when you need it. There are more than 450 production analysis variables to suit individual needs and a wide range of operational activities are recorded for traceablity.

This integration of software and equipment also allows for more control of a range of variables that again translates into cost reduction and higher efficiency (example: feed consumption graph combined with oxygen and current etc.). Fishtalk also provides balanced score card on time line reports = quick overview of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Creating the first professional aquaculture software

The history behind Fishtalk started already in the early 1980’s, when innovative people in the Norwegian fish farming industry saw the need for tools to more effectively manage their operations when it comes to planning, biological control and productivity improvements. Already in mid 80’s, the first professional aquaculture software was released by Marinet, the basis for today’s solution – just after the world’s first PC was introduced.
Full financial control.
Production control on a feed barge.
New software for lice control.
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