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Your Aquaculture Technology and Service Partner
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Your Aquaculture Technology and Service Partner

AKVA group is a technology and service partner to the global aquaculture industry. As a partner our mission is to be a profitable supplier of solutions and services in order to improve our customers’ profitability and sustainability.

We aim to be recognized by our Customer focus, Aquaculture knowledge, Reliability and Enthusiasm.

During more than 30 years as innovator and provider of technology and services to the global aquaculture industry, we in AKVA group have learned what really matters to our customers as well as to ourselves. PARTNERSHIP. Good partnerships - enabling us to contribute solutions and services that make our customers successful in developing and operating sustainable and profitable aquaculture operations. Good Partnerships, where our contribution to solutions and services earn us the opportunity to develop AKVA group as a sustainable and profitable company. We will continue to build AKVA group with this as our mission. 

We will be focused on our customers’ needs, being attentive and responsive. We will develop and use our knowledge to contribute solutions and services that lift our customers’ performance. We will take pride in being reliable and honest in what we do and how we act, and we will use our enthusiasm to generate the energy and joy needed to bring our customers as well as AKVA group forward.

In AKVA group we strongly believe that we can make a difference. We are proud to be part of the global Aquaculture industry which is playing a crucial role providing healthy seafood to the world.

We are partners – and we are in for the long run!
“We shall understand the unfilled needs of our customers and create new and attractive solutions”
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“Enthusiasm is the mother of all efforts, and without it nothing great was ever achieved”
“In an economy where any advantage can be copied rapidly, partnership is essential”

Customer focus

“We shall help our customers to succeed”

AKVA group depends on our relations to our customers. This understanding shall always be reflected in all our thinking and behavior. The customer must always come first!

Our mission is to be a profitable provider of solutions and services to improve our customers’ profitability and sustainability. To fulfill this mission, the solutions and services are to be anchored in our customers’ needs. 

In AKVA group we are commercial, but we will always give the customer value. We treat our external and internal customers well. We constantly seek to establish long lasting partnerships based on mutual respect and understanding. Our pride is invested in being responsive and helpful while striving to supply the best possible solutions and services for our customers.
“Closer to customer is closer to success”

Aquaculture Knowledge

“Experience and knowledge is our strength”

Understanding is a crucial prerequisite in order to develop solutions and services that meet our customers’ needs. 

For AKVA group this means understanding the industry that we are part of – the aquaculture industry.

AKVA group is dedicated to nurture and develop aquaculture knowledge and skills. We do this by attracting and keeping great people, people with diverse knowledge that help develop solutions and services to fulfill our customers’ needs. We seek to understand the challenges and opportunities in order to fulfill our mission of providing solutions and services in order to enhance our customers’ profitability and sustainability.
aquaculture knowledge
“We shall understand the unfilled needs of our customers and create new and attractive solutions”


“If they trust us, they will also trust our products”

AKVA group shall stand out being someone to trust. Reliability shall be part of our identity.

In AKVA group we take pride in keeping our promises. We strongly believe that consistency and reliability is essential to gaining trust. When necessary we go the extra mile to make things right.

In AKVA group we will sometimes make mistakes, but we will also assume the responsibility for our actions. We will do what is required to correct our mistakes and constantly seek to improve ourselves, our processes and our products. Openness and honesty are strongly valued, even when this makes us uncomfortable.
“Promises are our way of forcasting the future,making it predictable and reliable”


“Share your enthusiasm”

AKVA group depends on the enthusiasm of each employee. Having passion for what we do, and having fun while we do it, is an important part of our culture.

Enthusiasm for what we do is what makes working in AKVA group fun and helps generate the energy needed to be creative when developing solutions and services for our customers. By working like this we move forward, together, having fun and becoming better at we do. This in turn earns us the recognition that motivates us and helps make AKVA group an even better place
to work.
“There is real power in enthusiasm, it spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment”
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