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Polarcirkel Workboats

Designed for extreme conditions

The robust Polarcirkel workboats offer great design, quality build, unique flexibility, user-friendliness and low maintenance. More then 2,000 boats are in use in e.g. fish farming, marine industry, oil and gas industry, emergency services, military, Arctic tour operators and with pleasure boaters who need an indestructable boat.

All Polarcirkel boats are tested in extreme weather conditions all over the world. All models are loaded with smart details and unique features for safe operation in tough conditions. Our products have an emphasis on safety and the environment.  
Tailor made workboats
AKVA group deliver tailor made workboats for professional users, such as fish farming, coast guard, navy, fire department, police, tour operators etc.
Virtually unsinkable concept
Polarcirkel RBB (Rigid Buoyancy Boat) hulls are self-bailing and have rigid pontoons filled with polystyrene that makes them virtually unsinkable.
The arctic first choice
All Polarcirkel boats are regularly used in extreme and rough weather conditions all over the world. The boats have performed exceptionally well in arctic and tropical regions and can handle temperatures from -40° C to +55° C.

Rugged, virtually maintenance-free solutions

Polarcirkel Workboats
Polarcirkel Workboats
Open boats from 18´5” to 27”.
A wide range of
steering consoles
and windscreens
are available.
Extra strong longitudinal
hull ridges provide stability
and hull protection.
Plenty of stowage
space inside bench
seats, consoles and
Yamaha outboard engins up
to 200hp and Volvo inboard
engins up to 435hp.
The Stainless steel arc can be
fitted with nav lights, search
lights and antennas.
Sloping aft pontoons
with built-in steps.
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