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Open Workboats

Rugged Open Workboats for extreme weather conditions

Helgeland Plast has now developed a new prototype for a larger cabin boat. This boat is based on an entirely new concept.

The boat has double buoyancy pontoons manufactured from 500 mm PE tubing. The hull is approximately identical to our other boats, featuring a 21° V-bottom, however, this model has 3 pressure-tested chambers. This ensures very good buoyancy.

The prototype has been equipped with two 265 hp motors, and the boat has a maximum speed of around 40 knots. Window wipers are installed for all front windows. A number of useful details are included, such as stainless steels shackles, lots of cabin space, slanted stern tube with incorporated steps and comfortable padded seats.

Polarcirkel Cabin 1050:

• Bow propeller 6hp, continuously variable
• Manual bilge pump
• Electric bilge pump with sensor
• Self-bailing deck
• Hydraulic steering with servo assisted steering wheel
• Motor installation includes battery, cabling, main power switch
• Built-in fuel tanks, 630 litres
• Built-in steps in aft pontoons
• Pulpits
• Insulated motor hatch with pneumatic lifters
• Stowage space in bow
• Step mouldings
• Material: aluminium
• 14 windows, sliding windows for captain and helmsman
• Ladder to roof (mounted on rear side)
• 3 window wipers for front windows
• 4 adjustable chairs with padding
• Passenger bench on starboard side and stowage space under bench
• 6 Spotlighs (LED) in ceiling
• Exit on rear side. (Libra door)
• Mast with lanterns on roof
• Dashboard with motor control instruments, navigation equipment, etc.
• 2 cupholders
• Control handles mounted on top of dshboard
• Two 12V sockets in dashboard
• Fire extinguisher
• Large stowage space under forwar pulpit (A toilet can be installed here)
• Rescue door in pulpit. Libra door.
• Defroster 10 KW
• Railing along roof and walls
• Stowage net on rear side of seat
• Compass
hekkPolarcirkel 1050 is offered with other engine alternatives, here´s a version with two inboard motors and drive.
1050 helThe new workboat can also be offered in two smaller versions on request, Polarcirkel 910 or Polarcirkel 1000.
1050 cabinThe boat is equipped with a large cabin type walk-around. Inside the cabin, there are four padded seats and a large bench seating three persons.
extra 2A Dacon resque net can be integrated in the pontoon. A useful and handy tool if there´s an accident.
compact-optional-life-raftA compact optional life-raft can also be offered to ensure your safety.
1050 extra
The new 1050-series has well arranged dashboard. All antennas, radars o.e. are mounted on the roof and are easy available with an aft ladder. Exterior steering position can also be installed.
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