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Polarcirkel Diving

Divers’ best choice for safe and exiting adventures!

As a diver you need to have complete trust in your equipment. The Polarcirkel Diving model is the most robust open boat ever produced.

It offers great design, top quality materials, user friendliness and low maintenance. In contrast to conventional RIB’s, Polarcirkel boats have rigid pontoons filled with expanded polystyrene and combined with strong rigid 21 degree, V–shaped hulls. They are virtually unsinkable with unique stability and excellent seaworthiness.

These boats can take a rough landing or beaching virtually anywhere without serious damage. The boat is self bailing, and the deck is fitted with soft, non-skid rubber matting, which compared to other boats is more practical for diving equipment. With speeds of up to 40 knots, and great load capacity the Polarcirkel boat will take you quickly and safely to and from your diving areas.

Polarcirkel Fisher, standard equipment:

• 4 pcs mooring cleats
• 2 pcs lifting points
• Stowing space in bow
• Extra protective hull strips
• Self bailing deck
• Fuel tank 67 /103 litres
• Fuel gauge
• Fuel filter / water separator
• Battery compartment under bench
• Fender strips along pontoons
• Seat with extra stowage place
• Grab rails around aft bench seat and forward pulpit
• Red gunwales
• Manual bilge pump
• Fire extinguisher
• Built-in steps in aft pontoons
• Seats along pontoons
• CE approved, category C
• Console mounted lighting
• Saddle with cushion and backrest for 2 persons in front of console
• Saddle with cushion for 1 person behind console.
• Cable steering (560)
• Hydraulic steering (660, 760 and 820)
• Centered steering console with windscreen inside aluminium grab rail
• Non skid tape on deck
• 4 pcs rod holders

Search/work lights, fish box, marine electronics, fishing rod bracket, antenna arch with nav-lights, radio/CD etc.
divingPolarcirkel Diving boats are tailormade and designed in close consultation with active divers, professionals and sport divers.
hinged-gunwaleThe hinged gunwale on the Polarcirkel Diving model gives easy access to and from the water.
polyethylenePolarcirkel boats are made of polyethylene, a very strong and flexible material suitable for all weather conditions, from the arctic to the tropics.
sm%c3%a5bilde diving1The boats can be flexible equipped, such as mobile sadles for transport of tourists and other larger groups.
polarcirkelboats image right smartdetailSmart details such as sloping pontoons with integrated steps and handgrip, make it easier to get back onboard from the water.
Soft, non-skid decking. Tailor made steering console with saddle. Can be offered with single or double engins.
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