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Fish Farm Inspection

Fish Farm Inspection System

Fish Farm Inspection System - rugged, portable feeding control

The Fish Farm Inspection System gives crystal clear video images from the submerged camera during feeding, and therefore provides a unique possibility to feed according to the fish appetite.

The Fish Farm Inspection system can easily be connected to Akvasmart cameras such as; SmartEye, SmartEye 360 Twin, Basic HR and Super HR. There is also an integrated Pan/Tilt controller for the SmartEye 360 Twin Camera. The buildt-in battery gives the flexibility to use the system without any other infra- structure and the ruggedized system is build into a PELI-case.

Why use a camera to monitor feeding?
Cage sizes have rapidly increased over the last 20 years, and as a result, the visible area has decreased accordingly. In a cage of 160 diameters, only 0,2% is visible from the surface. Therefore a submersible camera is a requirement for monitoring and controlling feeding.
visible-areaThe visible area inside a cage is only 5 metres depth and 7 metres width, even in bright day light!
fingertip-controlAccurate fingertip control provides full overview of the cage in a few seconds, a smart and userfriendly solution.
led-screenLCD screen made for rough, daily use and provides excellent readability in all lightning conditions.
portable-unitA rugged, portable unit with internal battery and waterproof connection plugs.
inspection-systemThe Inspection System is tailor-made for control of feeding and fish behavior, and can be connected to a wide range of Akvasmart cameras.
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