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Super HR Camera

super hr

A crystal clear first choice feeding camera

The HR cameras are the world’s most popular feeding camera series.

These are stationary cameras that are hanging underneath the fish´eating area (typically at 5-8m) and look straight up to easily detect uneaten pellets sinking towards the camera. All of our cameras can be used with Akvasmart hardwired or wireless camera systems and can be operated from the cage, a workboat, feeding control room and via the Internet. One camera is usually permanently installed in each cage.

The Super HR Feeding Camera is a ruggedized and extremely reliable high-resolution camera designed for use under all conditions.
super hr camera
sharp-and-clear-videoExceptionally sharp and clear video images provides useful information about your fish.
hatcheriesThe Super HR Camera is a perfect choice for hatcheries and smaller cages. One camera is usually installed in each tank.
wireless-capA wireless CAP or a simple hardwired network can transmit video camera data to the control room.
video-dataThe video data can be controlled in real time or logged and analyzed later using Fishtalk software.
robust-urethaneRobust urethane underwater cable includes a waterproof connection plug.
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