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Net Cleaning rigs

Effective high pressure cage cleaning

The Akvasmart Cage Cleaner is developed to simplify and streamline the cleaning and removal of marine fouling.

The washing unit can easily be mounted at the stern of a workboat. The Cage cleaning system consists of a lifting unit, a submersible part and a hydraulical driving wheel system that rotates the cage while it is being flushed and cleaned.

For cages without sinker tubes, the cleaner is submerged below the floating pipes. The unit is placed with the inner pipe connected to the drive rolls, while the outer pipe is positioned against the sliding surface and steering rolls. The Cage Cleaner can also be delivered with a system for flushing sinker tubes, where the sinker tube and floating pipes are cleaned simultaneously. It is generally enough to rotate the cage one turn to ensure proper cleaning.
An effective and well proven concept
The cleaning unit hydraulically lifts a part of the cage over the surface. The flushing occurs when the cage is rotated around its own axis, while a windscreen washer mounted on rotating arms performs the cleaning using water under high pressure.

Installation and use
Connection points for the screws are included at the stern of the workboat. Dedicated work platforms can also be offered to simplify the access for inspection and maintenance. The whole cleaning process occurs without any people close to the cage and can be operated by one single man in a workboat.

  • Size: L:4946mm. H:3993mm. W:2450mm + 540mm in telescope
  • Weight: Approx. 3000 kgs (without sinking tube cleaner)
  • Surface treated steel profiles (galvanised and coated)
  • Rotation speed while flushing: Approx. 4m/min
  • The cleaners are hydraulical adjustable and it´s possible to clean pipes in various widths for example; Polarcirkel 160 m / 500 pipe / 190 cm or Polarcirkel 160 m / 450 pipe / 150 cm.

The Cage cleaning systems are developed in close cooperation with large aquaculture companies and are produced by SMV Hydraulic AS.
Akvasmart Cage Cleaning system is easily operated by one person. The complete cleaning process is performed safely with people standing well away from the operation.
akvasmart ringvasker norsk1A standard version of Akvasmart Cage Cleaner is equipped with a windscreen washer for floating pipes with two rings.
vasker-paa-land-bakside-All Akvasmart Cage Cleaners are designed with rugged, galvanised and coated steel profiles.
krokA special designed hook for the crane will simplify the handling of the sinking tubes in the cages.
montert-vaskerThe washing unit can be easily mounted at the stern of a workboat or feeding boat.
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