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Net Cleaning Systems

Net Cleaning rigs

A powerful, remote net cleaner - FNC8

AKVA FNC8 is an intelligent remote net cleaning rig which can be operated via a handheld mobile console or from a control room.

AKVA FNC8 Net Cleaner is based on a patent pending principle that ensures that the rig is in balance regardless of whether it cleans horizontally, vertically or upside down.

The speed of the cleaning rig is important for those who perform the job. FNC8 will achieve a cleaning efficiency outperforming what has been offered previously. The Flying Net Cleaner 8 is built with standard ROV components that are easy to clean and disinfect. FNC8 also has several built-in auto features and advanced camera systems and sensors for complete monitoring during the entire cleaning process. 

• Thrusters for propulsion and pressure (no sharp wheels or belts that can damage the net)
• Robust components and rugged design
• Easy to operate with automated functions
• Open construction, easy to maintain and disinfect
• Graphic presentation with overlapping images and data
• Two HD cameras provided in standard configuration (option for four)
• Two LED lights provided in standard configuration (option for four)
• Advanced control system (ready for autonomous operation)
• Graphic presentation with overlapping images and data
• Sensors for monitoring water pressure, washing process and disc speed
• Topside can operate ROV with other supplementary gear such as net mending, inspection, HD camera, grasping claw and rock drill (coming)
• Automatically returns to surface in the event of a power failure
• Dedicated transport box with disinfection option for minimal transmission of disease
• Runners for easy passage across baseline ropes and loose net
• Produced by world-leading ROV manufacturer, Sperre AS
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Effektive net cleaning
The unique feature of the new cleaning rig is that it “swims” along the net line in the pen and cleans using high-pressure seawater. The rig also cleans the top of the net.
Full control
The new net cleaner can be delivered With a mobile pilot console or alternatively a pilot chair with integrated control system.
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Flexible operations
The thrusters are designed for flexible operations - no sharp wheels or belts that can damage the nets through the operation.


High pressure Pumps

AKVA group delivers and offer service on high-pressure units adapted to the new Flying Net Cleaner 8. The pumps supplied is from Kamat or Hammelmann. Both pumps are quality products specifically adapted to the requirements of the demanding environment of farm locations where the net cleaning takes place. 
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