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Net Cleaning Systems

Gasoline, diesel or hydraulically driven High Pressure Washers?

Gasoline, diesel or hydraulically driven High Pressure Washers?

We offer a rugged series of High Pressure Washers for seawater suited to various system solutions and cage sizes.

The gasoline driven washers (F-Drive), are light-weight and perfect as portable units. The diesel driven units (D-Drive), are almost maintenance free, use less fuel then the gasoline models and are well suited for large, powerful, permanent solutions. The Hydraulic driven high pressure models (H-Drive), are small, compact and almost maintenance free, perfect for inside mounted installtion on workboats.

• Corrosion free Rustfritt cabinet with hydraulic winch with remote control for lowering and elevating the Net cleaners. 
• Hydraulic hose reel for 100m ¾ hose.
 dsc1735 dxo

Sound proof, solid container

  • Sound proof, 12 feet ISO container
  • Sound proof, 8 feet ISO container for smaller applications (up to 180kW)
  • Large, double door that provides easy access for maintenance and daily controls
  • Dense floor with drip tray and drain plug
  • Several motor/pump options for the same container
  • Combined lifting and sea fastening point
  • ISO corners 
  • Lifting and fork lift pockets comes as standard
  • Built in compliance with the Machine directive
  • CE branded
kcc - korrektur-1The solid, German high pressure pump KAMAT comes as standard with high pressure part and control technology in seawater resistant Duplex material.
kcc - korrektur-2Our pump systems are delivered with a strong and service-friendly high quality engine from Deutz.
kcc - korrektur-3Delivered with a flexible and user-friendly control system that streamlines operations and ensures good safety and overview.
kcc - korrektur-4Pump and engine, assembled on vibration dampened frame, for installation in a boat/ship machine room.
kcc - korrektur-5

KAMAT High pressure pump

  • German quality pump from KAMAT comes as standard
  • High pressure part and pressure regulator is delivered in seawater resistant Duplex material
  • Durable ceramic stamps
  • Pressure lubricating oil with pressures sensor, pressure gauge and temperature sensor
  • Special tools, pressure regulator and safety valve comes as standard

Planned systems: 
  • 309 l/min at 225 bar
  • 380 – 530 l/min at 245 Bar
  • 925 l/min at 200 Bar
  • 936 l/min at 220 Bar
  • 1049 l/min at 200 Bar

We deliver pumps from 0-3500 l/min and 0-3500 Bar
kcc - korrektur-6

Flexible and user-friendly control system

  • 9 inch HMI panel, IP65 certified
  • Transparent and user-friendly touch control, easily customizable to customer-specific needs
  • Collects engine data, pump data, control and surveillance in the same screen
  • Documentation and user manual may be uploaded and read as pdf format on the screen
  • Wired remote control for on/off and emergency stop

  • Possibility of remote surveillance and alarm log
  • Possibility of password protected area
  • 15 inch screen
  • Wireless remote control for on/off and emergency stop
kcc - korrektur-7


  • Strong, service-friendly quality engine from Deutz
  • Good spare parts accessibility
  • Simple and robust industry engine
  • 150kW to 440kW size

It is possible to make changes and upgrades to the original design. The basic product remains the same. With just a few, small adjustments, we will make the system fit your needs.  
  • Caterpillar diesel engine as alternative
  • Tier 4 certified application
  • Clutch between engine and pump
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • HMI system with expanded possibility of remote surveillance, remote control or communication with other systems
  • Special design to meet client requirements
  • Integrated winch with folding boom or similar
  • The system may also be supplied in other applications than the 12 feet container, e.g. machine room assembly on board boat/ship

All systems may be supplied with an electric engine
kcc - korrektur-8

System for machine room assembly

  • Supplied with the recognized Deutz Marine engine
  • Pump in seawater resistant material, at the desired rate
  • Pump and engine are assembled on a powerful, vibration damped frame 
  • Control system for surveillance and operation control from desired location
  • The system is delivered ready for installation with the necessary documentation
  • Well dimensioned feed pump with stainless steel pump part
  • Battery pack
  • Wireless remote control for on/off and emergency stop

The systems are tailor made in close cooperation with customer and yard
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