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Net Cleaning Systems

Gasoline, diesel or hydraulically driven High Pressure Washers?

Gasoline, diesel or hydraulically driven High Pressure Washers?

We offer a rugged series of High pressure washers for seawater suited to various system solutions and cage sizes.

The gasoline driven washers (F-Drive) are light-weight and perfect as portable units. The diesel driven units (D-Drive) are almost maintenance free, use less fuel then the gasoline models and are well suited for large, powerful, permanent solutions. The Hydraulic driven high pressure models (H-Drive) are small, compact and almost maintenance free, perfect for inside mounted installation on workboats.

• Corrosion free stainless cabinet with hydraulic winch with remote control for lowering and elevating the Net cleaners. 
• Hydraulic hose reel for 100m ¾ hose.
gasoline-f-driveGasoline (F-Drive) 1-2 cleaning discs Idema K-28-280-SB-VA-22 Size: 120X60x75 cm. Cleaning discs: 2.
hydraulic-h-driveHydraulical (H-Drive) 2-8 cleaning discs. Idema K-60-300-SH-CO-64 Size: 95x72x37cm. Cleaning discs: 4.
diesel-d-drive2Diesel (D-Drive) 2-10 cleaning discs Idema K-188-300-SD-JD-150 Size 400x200x200cm. Cleaning discs: 5+5.
new-corrosion-free-mvn-pumpsThe new MWN pump. All wetted parts are stainless steel/ceramic.
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