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Net Cleaning Systems

Net Cleaning rigs

Net cleaning rigs with up to 7 discs

A wide range of rig models are available with up to 7 cleaning discs. In Net Cleaning, filtered high pressure sea water is used to remove marine fouling on the nets.

Idema Net Cleaners uses rotating cleaning discs monted on cleaning rigs in various shapes and combinations. We use rugged, tailor-made high-pressure pumps to drive the cleaning discs. The cleaning process starts with submerging the rig on the inside of the net, using only sea water under high pressure. Idema Cleaning Systems does not use chemicals or scrubbing action. This is environmentally friendly and will not damage the nets.

New models

New models with better pumps and more powerful ejectors

We have now launced a new series smart net cleaning rigs with even better functionalities and longer life-span:.

• New net cleaning rig with remote controlled video camera and new thruster jets pushing the cleaning discs harder against the net. 
• New and improved stainless steel high pressure pumps ensures long lifespan. 
• Separate water supply pre-booster pump increases water flow. 
• Stainless steel water pressure shock absorber system reduces vibration and pressure hammering in hoses and fittings. 
• Oversized built-in water intake suction filter. 
User friendly, flexible and smart solutions

The large Net Cleaners can be operated in automatic mode by two persons using a crane, winch, cap stand or as a integrated option on ROV. (Remotely Operated Vehicle) The smallest Net Cleaners can easily be operated from the cage by a single person.

Effective Net Cleaning reduces decease and stimulates growth. 

Effective Net Cleaning reduces decease and stimulates growth

Growth curve for salmon:
The need for oxygen rises when the water temperature increases. This curve is almost identical for most aquaculture species.
new-net-cleaning-web-p2-4Heavy Duty centre bearing with siliciumcarbide pressure housing mean less service calls and minimal down time.
new-net-cleaning-web-p2-1The cleaning discs are generally delivered with 40 cm diameter. They can also be offered in 30 cm or 50 cm diameter.
smooth-front-railAll Net cleaners are offered with smooth front rail in stainless steel that ensures minimal wear of the net.
new-net-cleaning-web-p2-2A movable camera on the new rigs makes it possible to zoom in on details and gives full control during netwashing.
new-net-cleaning-web-p2-3New simple single disc system for smaller cages. The disc is mounted on a shaft and operated in the sea by a single person.
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