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Environmental Sensors

Current Sensor

Environmental knowledge prevents feed waste

This Current Sensor connects directly to the Akvasmart CCS Feed System and can automatically prevent feed waste caused by tidal currents pushing pellets out of the cages.

The sensor is located in strategic positions and you decide the maximum current speed (cm/sec.) allowed for feeding and which cages to be affected. When the current exceeds this limit, the feeding temporarily stops in these cages and resumes at slack currents later, all automatically.

The Current Sensor connects to the feed system via the wireless CAP (Cage Access Point) or directly via an EAP (Environmental Access Point). Continuous readings are logged in AkvaControl to allow for later analysis of the tidal currents of the farm. The Current Sensor has no moving parts, which means excellent durability and minimal maintenance.
various-depthsThe Current Sensor can easily be installed at various depths using a stabilizer weight.
oxygen-temperature-current-sensorUsing the Current Sensor in combination with Oxygen and Temperature Sensor gives a good picture of the fish’ environment.
akva-control-feed-systemThe AKVAconnect feed system software logs the current data for later analysis.
temperature-sensor-css-feed-systemContinuous oxygen readings from the cages or tanks are transmitted through the Akvasmart wireless sensor network (CAP).
environmental-accesshe Akvasmart Environmental Access Point (EAP) is a robust and reliable connenction alternative, hardwired or wireless.
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