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Environmental sensors

Environmental Sensors

Critical feeding parameters

Feed accounts for 60 - 90 % of the production cost in most fish farming today. That makes every pellet count when it comes to financial results. 

To know the environmental data, such as temperature, oxygen, salinity, pH and current speed and direction, is important when feeding fish. Akvasmart Feeding Software allows full control of the environmental status on the site, at all times. The data can be viewed real-time or logged for later analysis. The Akvasmart software can also be set to automatically control the feeding based on these parameters. 
multisensorFull control of the environmental data will ensure correct farming decisions.
oxygen-levelOxygen data is an important factor for growth and fish welfare.
winterTemperature is the foundation for all feeding regimes and growth models.
sensor currentsThe current sensor system will prevent feed waste caused by tidal current pushing pellets out of the cage.
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