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AKVA Safe Guard system provides data that creates a safer workplace

AKVA Safeguard system - sensor data that creates a safer workplace

Safer and more secure mooring of fish carriers at cages. Monitoring and decision support in a new, stand-alone system.
AKVA Safeguard is a system for risk management (of operations and activities) and decision support that increases operational safety and prevents undesired incidents, such as broaching or personal injury. AKVA Safeguard is based on monitoring parametres that can detect changes in the condition of the fish and the facility at an early stage, as well as the safety level during various operations. The parametres are input into diognastic and forecast models that have been developed in collaboration with Norway's foremost consulting and university communities. 

AKVA Safeguard provides useful information on: 
  • Environmental loads and loads from the fish carrier
  • Observed loads on cables (continous validation)
  • Planning of ideal mooring points
  • New and calculation-efficient model validated against full calcuation models for vessels and fish farms
  • New fish farm simulator with proprietary calculation model that simulates time for various systems of rope, chanis, nets, buoys and large volume structures

fiber2In challenging weather conditions, an achoring on the wrong side of the cage could cause too much load and unneccesary damage on cages and moorings.
complete-overviewAKVA Safe Guard provides a complete overview of the conditions around the cages and of the weather conditions in the local area.
fish-carrierAKVA Safe Guard makes it easier and safer to anchor fish carriers at cages in challenging conditions.
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