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Environmental sensors

Current Sensor

Environmental knowledge prevents feed waste

Environmental current knowledge prevent feed waste. 

An important parameter is the current or water flow when you feed, but also to know your site. We offer two types of current sensors: The "Tilt sensor", which gives current speed and direction in one layer, and the "Doppler current profiler", that gives you speed and direction at three different levels in the water column. 
various-depthsThe current sensor can easily be installed at various depths using a stabilizer weight.
oxygen-temperature-current-sensorUsing the current sensor in combination with oxygen and temperature sensor gives a good picture of the fish’ environment.
akva-control-feed-systemThe AKVAConnect feed system software logs the current data for later analysis.
temperature-sensor-css-feed-systemContinuous oxygen readings from the cages or tanks are transmitted through the Akvasmart wireless sensor network (CAP).
environmental-accesshe Akvasmart Environmental Access Point (EAP) is a robust and reliable connenction alternative, hardwired or wireless.
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