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Environmental sensors

EAP network

EAP - hard wired and wireless solutions for environmental data

Collecting and logging environmental data from one or multiple depths provides better control of the feeding and possibilities of analysis of environmental data compared to feeding data. The EAP (Environmental Access Point) is a robust sensor connection hub that allows connection of multiple sensors in one location. The two-way communication between EAP and the feed system is either wireless or hard wired. The EAP is then an active part of the feed system, allowing connection of sensors such as temperature, oxygen and current.
environmental-accessEnvironmental Access Point (EAP) is a robust and reliable network with two-way communication (wireless or hardwired).
eap-environmental-sensorsThe EAP is the connection point for all the environmental sensors and provide good indications of the fish’ environment.
vital-environmental-dataVital environmental data can be logged in AKVAConnect or Fishtalk for use in later analysis and benchmarking.
optical-oxygen-sensor-and-current-sensorTemperature sensor combined with the optical Oxygen Sensor and current Sensor will provide excellent environmental reference points.
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