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Environmental sensors

Temperature Sensor

Water temperature is a critical parameter for feeding fish

Temperature - the foundation for feeding and growth models. 

​There are two different temperature sensors: A speparate sensor / stand-alone sensor for connecting to AKVAConnec or integrated in the optical oxygen sensor for using in AKVAConnect. 
real-time-readings-temperatureTemperature sensors always provides accurate real time readings of the temperature conditions for the fish.
oxygen-sensor-and-current-sensorA temperature sensor combined with oxygen sensor and current sensor provides a very good reference point.
akvacontrol-and-fishtalkThe integration between AKVAconnect and Fishtalk provides the opportunity to choose where to perform data analysis.
temperature-sensor-css-feed-systemThe temperature sensor can be connected almost anywhere in the CCS feed system (to CAP, EAP and Feed Selector).
environmental-accessThe Akvasmart Environmental Access Point (EAP) is a robust and reliable connenction alternative, hardwired or wireless.
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