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Feed Barges


AP Platform Feed Barge

Wavemaster Platform Feed Barge
  • Load-capacity dimensions calculated according to customer needs.
  • Structural strength calculated to withstand a significant wave height (Hs) of up to 2m.
  • The modular construction/solution allows for easy containerisation and shipment anywhere in the world.
  • All Platform Barges include a control room for the feeding process using a CCS Feed System, sensors and cameras.
  • Silos with 3 tons capacity are located in the bow.
  • Equipped with a chain hoist trolley to lift up the feed to fill the silos. The number of silos per barge can be adjusted.
Local deck installation
Tailor made platform barges Tailor made solutions can be adapted for installation of any equipment that the customer need for the farm operation.
Flexible deck module sizes
Hot dip galvanized construction All structural steel components are hot dipped galvanized after manufacture. This has proven to be the most effective and durable coating for use on fish farming structures.
Withstands heavy loading
Designed for CCS Feeding System All modular platforms are designed for integration with the Akvasmart CCS Feed System, from Twin (2) to Hexa (6) parallel feed-line systems.
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