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Feed Systems

CCS Feed System units

CCS Feed System units

CCS Feed Blowers
The Akvasmart Feed Blower generates transport air for the feed system. The blowers are delivered in high quality silencer cabinets which ensures a comfortable work environment.
CCS Feed Dosers
The Feed Dosers transfers the feed into the air flow - up to 192 kg/min. with optimum pellet quality. Both Feed Doser Valves and Feed Augers with Sluice Valves are available.
CCS Selector Valves
The CCS product line includes a wide variety of Selector Valve models with connections from 4 to 60 feeding pipes and pipe dimensions from 32 mm (1”) up to 110 mm (4”).

CCS Air Control System

Akvasmart Air Control system with regulated air speed ensures optimal pellet flow, significantly reducing the risk of blockage and breakage. If the pellet/air speed is too low, the risk for pellet blockage is increased. If the pellet/air speed is too high, dust and breakage is increased. The system also monitors and logs air and temperature. 

The Air Control system is visualized in AKVAconnect through a simple graph per feeding line. The graph displays real-time data for each unit being fed, and automatically adjusts the blower speed to ensure operation in the gentle feed handling area.
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