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Feed Systems

Rotor Spreaders

Faster and even growth from excellent feed spread

One of the most important factors for gentle feed handling is regulating transport air speed. "Speed kills", also when it comes to feed systems. 

Akvasmart Rotor Spreaders are designed to provide excellent feed spread in cages. All our models have adjustable light weight aluminium rotor pipes that allow for lower air speed for start-up and rotation. This means less dust and breakage, power consumption, back pressure, air temperature, noise and wear and tear on the feed pipes. Our unique ventilated Zenon bearing requires no regular cleaning and does not corrode. 

New design

Extra low friction
The new ventilated bearing has extra low friction, requires no regular cleaning and does not corrode.
Smart solutions
The twistable rotor tip is less curved and ensures more gentle feed care.
New Rotor spreader
The new Rotor spreader hex with unsinkable floating base. No protruding parts eliminates the risk of net damaging or harming the fish in the cage.
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