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Effective feeding system that provides increased growth and improved fish welfare

AKVA Subsea Feeder is an underwater feeding system that feeds fish at a depth of approximately 7 metres. The feed is transported to the cages through a regular air hose. Water is added and passed down through a main pipe. The water is added by using a pump that draws deep water of good hygiene, in order to ensure the required speed of the feed. The feed is then spread using a dispersion unit of 17 meters in circumference with 12 feeding units so that the feed is spread about the cages in a satisfactory manner. The feeding rate is up to 50 kg of feed per minute. Experience from using the system shows the need for bird netting is not required.

The principal advantages of the AKVA Subsea Feeder:

• Fast and efficient underwater feeding (approx. 50 kg/min.)
• Good feed distribution
• Good hygiene
• Easy to operate and maintain
• No bird netting required

- Certified in accordance with NS 9415.
Promising test results

The AKVA Subsea Feeder has been tested by the aquaculture company, SinkabergHansen, and initial tests show that the fish exhibit good growth and welfare because sea lice infestation is reduced. Experience so far shows that the fish remain by the feeding point. 

Further tests will be carried out over the coming year. The tests will include the use of deep underwaterlights in combination with the AKVA Subsea Feeder, and tests will be carried out in facilities at several locations along the coast. The hypothesis is that the lights will keep the fish deep during the night and that the AKVA Subsea Feeder will keep the fish deep during the day. The tests are financed by FHF and will be executed in cooperation with Havforskningsinstituttet. The results of the tests will be publicly accessible.
sub feeder 2
The cyclone is equipped with a floating element, which is easy to place and move during maintenance and other necessary operations.
sub feeder 1
Feeding in depth
The fish are fed at a depth of just over 7 metres.
sub feeder 3
Feed Dispersion
The feed is dispersed using a dispersion unit of approx. 17 metres in circumference with 12 separate feeding units.
sub feeder 4
In depth
The feeding cameras show that the Fish now reside in deeper waters, most of the time around the feeding points.
sub feeder 5
Effective feeding
Initial test results show that the feeding system provides rapid, efficient and hygienic feeding, good dispersion and decreased sea lice.
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