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Mort Collector

Net Cleaning Systems

Automatic system for collecting morts

A new mort concept based on air and the eductor pump principle.
A basis for a continued healthy environment for the live fish in the system is that all morts are removed as soon as possible from the cage. 

AKVA group, HSE and several fish farming companies has developed an automated, robust and very practical system for removing morts. The system is adapted to today’s Polarcirkel plastic cages, Wavemaster steel cages, nets and various other site infrastructure solutions. 

The Akvasmart Mort System is offered as semi-open or as a fully closed system. The system can be delivered with central collection where the fish goes right from the cages for further treatment.

The automatic Mort Collection System can be used for most aquaculture species.

Screw compressors with minimum air capacity of 3000 ltr per minute and 7 bar pressure are recommended. 

Hose System
The hose system is used for the transport of morts from the suction head and up to sieving device or to the central collection system.

Suction heads
Suction heads for the Mort Collection System come in different sizes and different designs. Our standard suction head is available with adjustable weight from 200 kg up to weight of 700 kg. We can also deliver suctions heads with up to 1,8 tonnes of weight, which can replace or complement center weights on most systems.

Recommended air flow
We recommend 3000 litres per/min.

Two suction ports
The two intakes combined with the collector bowl with a steep angle and a smooth surface ensure that the most of the morts can easily access the suction head.

Cleaner fish protection
The suction head is fitted with a grid that prevents the cleaner fish from entering into the suction head and the hose line, when the system is not in operation.
mort-collection-system-hatEductor pump principle. The compressed air is injected through a number of small holes in a separate air chamber. The benefits obtained by the stream of injected air entered through many holes, is to create a constant and rapid flow.
mortcollector1A wide range of sieve designs can be mounted on a work boat or at the site, or integrated into a central collection unit, depending on the farmers demand for mort collection infrastructure.
mort-collection-system-bargeMost feed barges from AKVA group have integrated silage tanks. The system can also be delivered with central collection where the mort goes directly from all the cages to the silage tanks.
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