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Wide range of certified quality nets

AKVA group offer several types of nets for your cages. Both traditional and proven fibre nets (mainly nylon) made by Egersund Net in Norway, as well as the innovative and promising non-fiber EcoNets (solid PET wire), made by the Italian company Maccaferri. 

As the net is the only barrier keeping your valuable farmed fish inside and predators outside, it is the most critical piece of equipment on a cage farm that prevents fish escapes and other fish losses. Consequently, only the highest quality and design must be used, combined with Norwegian Standard (NS 9415) design and dimensioning. In order to ensure correct net specifications for your farm site, documented site environmental loads from currents, waves and wind must be used for dimensioning and design. This must be followed by professional and systematic inspection, maintenance and testing throughout the life span of the net. 

The end result is a net you can trust, whether fiber or non-fiber materials. 

Non-fibre nets - EcoNet

Withstands rough conditions
The Polarcirkel EcoNets are made for rough, daily use, from very strong but light weight PET.
Virtually escape proof
The EcoNets are being virtually escape proof, predator proof and are also often used as shark nets. The semi-rigid structure also keep the net shape intact to maximize water flow and oxygen to the fish.
20 year long lifespan
The EcoNets have a 20-year lifespan. See sample above after 20 years use in seawater in Japan.

Fibre nets - Egersund Net

High quality nets for all cages
Egersund fibre nets are designed for a wide range of round and square cage sizes. These quality nets are based on years of experience with the safety of our customers at heart.
Net designs
All nets are pre-treated with primer to ensure optimal and long-lasting protection of nets and ropes. Three popular net designs are: Standard knotless netting, Super netting and Hexagonal netting in nylon.
Well tested
All new models are tested under different current conditions at SINTEF’s research tank facility in Hirtshals, Denmark.
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