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EcoNet - High durability and escape prevention

The Polarcirkel EcoNet concept can totally change today’s fishfarming! This long-life net technology has been used to make over 4000 fish farming nets in Japan the last 20 years, in addition to many other usages including shark nets, rock slide nets etc. The non-fibre wire has very hard surface that resists marine fouling and makes it easy to clean in the water using Idema Net Cleaners. This also eliminates the use of antifouling paints and ongoing net changes. The Polarcirkel EcoNet semi-rigid structure keeps the net shape intact to maximize water flow and oxygen to the fish. PET is easily recyclable.
More than 20 years lifespan
The Polarcirkel EcoNets is made from very strong but light weight PET and has a 20-year lifespan. The nets can also be used as rock slide nets.
Withstands rough conditions
The EcoNets are designed to withstand rough conditions, stormy weather as well as biological or mechanical damage.
Effective escape prevention
The EcoNet has some superior characteristics, including: being virtually escape proof and will prevent species like cod who often can damage regular nets.
EcoNet can easily be handled
EcoNet can almost be handled in similar ways as a nylon net. This includes drying up during harvest, fastening to the cages or attaching sinker tubes.
Suits circular and sqare cages
The upper section have vertical walls with a 1m jump-net up top and the bottom is normally cone shaped.
Predator protection
The EcoNet is predator proof and are also used as shark nets. The semirigid structure will keep the net shape intact.
If overloaded, EcoNet stretch about 60-70% before it finally breaks.
In comparison, nylon stretch about 40% before it breaks.
The shape of the EcoNet wire mesh is designed to remain intact if a single wire is cut. This means the mesh will remain stable and the shape intact with minimum negative effect of the strength of the net cage structure. The Polarcirkel EcoNet is made from very strong but light weight PET, (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

A = Mesh width
B = Mesh pitch
C = Mesh height
D = Mesh diagonal
T = Wire thickness

Polarcirkel EcoNet is available in two different mesh sizes:
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