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Egersund Net - top of the line fibre nets

Egersund Net has developed into one of Europe’s leading suppliers of fish farming nets and net services.

Egersund Net invests heavily into R&D to ensure leading edge net products and new concepts. Including material testing, net shape designs, net weight concepts and new anti-fouling treatment methods. Extensive scale testing is performed at SINTEF’s large tank testing facility in Hirtshals, Denmark, in order to determine optimum performance in various current and wave conditions. The end result is a powerful combination of high-tech modern R&D with decades of personal craftsmanship and practical experience.

Net materials
Customized cage nets and bird nets are available for a wide range of fish farming installations: 

Special knotless netting made from nylon ensures high quality netting with a long lifespan. Such netting is available in various thread, mesh sizes and colors. 

Cage nets made of knotless Dyneema are stronger and lighter in weight than regular nylon nets. They are often used for species that bites algae off the net and predator protection. Color: white. 

Advanced anti-fouling technology ensures optimum antifouling effectiveness, product safety, environmental friendliness and HSE. Coating without use of antifouling agents is also available. The coating helps protect the nets from UV radiation, makes cleaning of the nets easier and increases the life-span of the nets.
Net testing
All new models are tested under different current conditions at SINTEF’s research tank facility in Hirtshals, Denmark.
Quality manufacturing
An efficient manufacturing line with a highly qualified and experienced staff.
Cone-shaped model
Testing of the cone-shaped model without a sinker tube proved that it was structually stable even at current speeds in excess of 2 knots.
The entire net fabrication process is ISO 9001 certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and according to NS 9415.
Service and Inspection
The service package includes cleaning of nets, inspection, repair and anti-fouling/abrasion protection. (Available in certain regions only)
All nets are shipped on a pallet or in a big bag. This makes it simple and safe to install them in the cage.
The nets are lifted safely during harvesting and cleaning. We also supply sweep nets for all types of cages.
Bird nets
The bird nets are offered in standard sizes or tailor made on request for each farm.
Knot solutions
Proven and thoroughly tested knot solutions in different colors makes it easier to locate the correct lifting point.
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