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Plastic Cages

Plastic Cages

The world´s leading cage supplier

AKVA group is the world's leading supplier of both plastic and steel cages. Polarcirkel, the most recognized brand in aquaculture, invented the plastic cage concept in Norway in 1974, and has since supplied more than 45,000 cages worldwide. The cages are made from PE raw materials especially suited for the dynamic loads of the sea, and are available in a wide range of models, shapes and sizes to suit individual needs. 

All Polarcirkel cage designs are carried out by our professional T&D department. Independent marine engineering consultants are also involved in advanced static and dynamic load calculations to ensure all designs meet or exceed expected real life loads as well as applicable industry standards. 
A well proven concept
The Polarcirkel Cages have a proven track record for use in rough weather, such as here on Norway’s stormy coastline at 70° North.
Safe and stable platform
All Polarcirkel Cages are available with safe and sturdy walkway sections as well as strong built-in suspension system for sinker tubes.
State-of-the-art machinery
Sophisticated machinery produces pipes in a wide range of models. The mounting is done by highly experienced and certified personell.
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Tested in arctic areas
Polarcirkel PE brackets are tested in arctic areas to withstand extreme icing such as here in the Russian Sea.
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Decades of experience
AKVA group (Polarcirkel) invented the plastic cage in 1974, and has since then supplied more than 45,000 Polarcirkel cages.
The new "flagship", Polarcirkel 630, has 63 cm circumference on the floating pipe and up to 240 metres across the cage.

Unique features

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Corrosion free brackets
Forget corrosion! The photo is showing a Polarcirkel bracket after ten years in saltwater!
Extra strong railings
Polarcirkel Cages are known for their strong railings and high reserve buoyancy, which is crucial in case of sudden excessive net loads or icing.
Polarcirkel 500
Polarcirkel 500 with hamster wheel and anti-skid walkway.
Simplified net handling
Various types of net hooks are available. The systems simplify net handling on the cages and provide secure attachment points for your nets.
Center support stands
Center support stands keeps the bird nets off the water. Standards sizes from 4 m - 5 m hight. Other hights can be delivered on request.
Wide product range
A wide range of strong circular Polarcirkel PE cages are offered in various dimensions.

Strong Polarcirkel brackets

Extensive use of PE (Polyethylene) in our PIM (Pressure Injection Moulded) brackets eliminates corrosion, minimizes expensive and difficult maintenance, and substantially increases cage lifespan compared to steel brackets. This is especially important in areas with high salinity, warm water temperatures and choppy seas.

Only strong and high quality PE is used for Polarcirkel brackets, while many suppliers use weak and low quality rotationally moulded Medium and Low Density Polyethylene. This makes the Polarcirkel brackets superior in terms of structural strength, durability and UV resistance. This is especially important in high energy offshore farm sites and areas with high UV radiation from the sun.

For areas prone to icing, such as Norway and Canada, another critical advantage of the Polarcirkel PE brackets is that they will not ice up as steel brackets do. Icing is a dangerous safety problem for all floating structures, including cages. Heavy ice overloads the cage, reduces stability and jeopardizes overall cage integrity. As the name indicates, the Polarcirkel cages are well suited for extreme arctic conditions!

The safest and most escape resistant cages on the market

Polarcirkel also offer an optimal secondary safety chain inside the outer floating pipe. This will serve as an unbreakable barrier in case the cage integrity is severely compromised. Keeping the chain inside the pipe leaves it out of the water until needed and maintains a clean exterior cage layout. Allt his makes the Polarcirkel cages the safest and most escape proof cages on the market! 

Polarcirkel quality and certification

All Polarcirkel Cages are manufactured and assembled in accordance with AKVA group’s Quality Assurance System (ISO 9001) which is certified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas). All cages in Norway are designed in accordance with NS 9415 (Norwegian Standard 9415 for cage farming equipment to prevent fish escape).
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