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Plastic Cages

Polarcirkel Cages

A wide range of accessories

A wide range of integrated accessories are available for the Polarcirkel cages, including; Net hooks, center support stands, anchoring systems, redundancy systems, nets, pipes, camera systems, sensors, wireless network, rotor spreaders, cage lighting etc.
Various types of net hooks are now available. The system simplifies net handling on the cages and provides a secure attachment point for the nets.
mooring grid
Mooring systems
Most plastic cages are moored in a grid system and include sinker tube, center support stand, feed system/ barge, cameras and sensors.
Anchoring connectors
The new connectors eliminates the weak points typical of steel brackets: Corrosion, damage to work boats, sideways jamming, icing loads etc.
Center support stands
Center Support Stands keeps the bird nets high off the water. Standard sizes from 4 m to 5 m high.
Polarcirkel ”Cartwheels” are offered with circumference from 30 to 72 meters.
Cage Nets
Standard knotless netting, Super netting, Hexagonal, Dyneema netting, nylon in knottet netting and non-fiber EcoNet are some of the net solutions.
Bird nets
Top nets in nylon for bird protection can be offered in various materials and sizes.
Feeding pipes
A wide range of high quality and durable Polarcirkel Feeding Pipes are available in various dimensions, wall thicknesses and coil lengths.
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