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Rental agreements with professional service and support included

AKVA group offers rental of complete systems as well as single products with service included. We have a very skilled and experienced service network. The agreement allow our customers to focus their attention on daily operations, while we make sure that the equipment is continuously performing.

The rental concept is offered for a number of products such as e.g. feed systems, feed accessories, camera systems, environmental sensors, infrastructure, dead fish systems, underwater lights, washing systems, subsea feeder, etc.

The renal concept has been developed in cooperation with our customers. Peace of mind and fixed monthly costs makes a growing number of customers prefer renal instead of traditional purchase.

A rental agreement may include:
  • Transport of complete rental equipment*
  • Installation and start-up
  • Training in using the system
  • Service and support of the rental equipment is included, which ensures high uptime and optimum configuration
  • Repairs or replacements of defective equipment free of charge
  • Fixed price for the entire rental period
  • No front-end fee
  • Free access to support
* Transport costs may vary.

Rental agreements lasts from two to eight years – depending on the customer’s needs. Our aim is that you will have state of the art equipment at all times and as worry-free operations as possible. 

Please note! The rental agreement is not available in all areas. 
AKVA group offer retal agreements for both entire systems and single products
A rental agreement gives you the most modern equipment.
AKVA group offer retal agreements for both entire systems and single products
A regular purchase gives you a quality product. If you rent, you are paying for a successful outcome.
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