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Intelligent IT solutions ensuring full control

AKVAconnect and Fishtalk are unique tools that integrate fish farming operations processing. This ensures optimum efficiency, excellent fish quality and increased profitability. The software covers all needs for process control, production control and planning. 


AKVAconnect is a new software platform that is designed for optimal control of the process and activities on small and large fish farms. The system offers full control, surveillance and integration of machines, sensors and all processes on both sea and land based fish farms. 


The Fishtalk software covers most aspects of the biological production control and planning, as well as production costing and budgeting. Reports and analysis are the basis for decisions, both long term and short term, and provides historical overview, status and prognosis. 

More than 30 years of innovative solutions

AKVA group developed the first solutions for the seafood industry as long ago as in 1978. The very first system was run on an office computer, creating simple final notes for fish-buyers in Norway. From here packing systems for weighing and labeling salmon and trout were developed, followed by even more sophisticated aquaculture management solutions. This allowed for detailed farm records, as well as accurate planning and forecasting. Thereafter, the sales and logistics solutions adapted especially to fish trading were launched. Our software is in use by most Norwegian aquaculture and fishery companies, a strong testimony to the fact that AKVA group offers aquaculture software solutions that are second to none!

Intelligent production reporting and planning

AKVAconnect is a new process control platform used to connect to and keep control on everything from local farm sites to large international aquaculture corporations. The system is compatible with all types of equipment, sensors and technical installations. Smart 3D design with interactive control functions, makes it incredibly easy to operate.
Fishtalk Control
Fishtalk Control provides a complete overview of the biological status of the production. The tool keeps track of all activities through a log; from unit and farm level, to top executive management. Fishtalk Lice, Fishtalk Tide and Fishtalk Benchmarking are some of the new software features.
Fishtalk Equipment
Fishtalk Equipment organizes all the farming equipment with documentation and maintenance, maintaining full traceability. Fishtalk Equipment is the solution for operation, maintenance and documentation, and can comprise all equipment at a location.


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