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Fishtalk Control - from Broodstock to Harvest

Plan and finance, biology plan, finance – budgeting, economy control, production cost etc. Fishtalk Control captures data from broodstock to harvest and has powerful reporting and analysis capabilities. With the financial and planning modules, Fishtalk becomes a primary tool, from day to day use on a single site to mapping out a 5-year plan for the whole company.

Fishtalk Control is developed with several modules, where the modules are the same system and do not require configuration of integrations. This provides benefits in terms of less risk of errors and reduced costs for setup, and one user interface to deal with.

In order to maintain as much control as possible and comprehensive management, we recommend expanding with the Planning and Finance modules. This means all management data are in the same database that contains common functionality, and decisions may be made based on biology and economy. 
Fishtalk Plan
Fishtalk Plan provides optimal production plans according to your strategies. This gives you a unique basis for making qualified operational decisions based on various scenarious for each species.
Fishtalk Finance
Fishtalk Finance enables simulation of the financial effects of the planned activities. The solutionn provides in-depth information according to the biological plans, budgets and forecasts - all based on a set of different scenarios.
Fishtalk Optimizer
Fishtalk Optimizer uses matematic optimation to create an optimal slaughtering plan including an acertained set of limitations. Planners will be able to save time and calculate the best plan in seconds, using Fishtalk Optimizer.
Fishtalk Benchmarking
Fishtalk Benchmarking provides fast and simple rankings compared to established production goals, such as growth rates, feed conversion rates, hit rates and other KPIs as VF3 and SGR.
Fishtalk Broodstock
Fishtalk Broodstock seamlessly integrates broodstock and production control, and provides full traceability to genetic origin and across generations of broodstock. It captures group level information as well as data for individual fish, like genetic markers and quality samples.
Fishtalk Tide
Fishtalk Tide provides predicted hourly tide levels and change in tide level. This makes it easy to plan operations that depends on slack tide and low currents, like net change and lice treatments.
Fishtalk Cleanerfish
Fishtalk Cleanerfish ensures a full updated overview of the treatment. The module extends the lice module in Fishtalk and provides an unique tool for monitoring and analysing.
Fishtalk Lice
Fishtalk Lice viser utviklingen av lus og effekten av behandling i den enkelte merden eller regionen. Fishtalk Cleanerfish gir beholdningstall for hver enkelt merd og prosenten av leppefisk i forhold til laks.
Fishtalk Environmental monitoring
Fishtalk Environmetal Monitoring is a module for managing documents from environmental surveys. Enter results and documents from environmental surveys in Fishtalk. You can easily search, add or revise documents in a document archive.
Fishtalk Equipment Service Planner
Fishtalk Equipment Service Planner is a system for boat communication, planning, assigning, executing and reporting for assignments related to service oeprations in aquaculture. The system comprises Planner, Boat manager and Tablet application.
Webclient and App
Efficient registration of data at the cage. Achieve better data flow, sharing and reporting. Get rid of the notepads and binders, and let our apps simplify collection of data from production. We supply both standard apps and customized solutions.
We have an experienced consultancy department with dedicated focus on biology and technology, which will contribute to optimal results. From Fishtalk startup to customized courses and consulting, process improvement or tailormade software solutions.


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