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Underwater lights

Underwater Lights

Stable and accurate lighting increases profits

The correct use of underwater lights for many aquaculture species ensures reduced fish maturation. In addition, it results in faster growth and more effective feed utilization. Our underwater lights are adapted for smolt and juveniles in small tanks, as well as for salmon, cod and other fast growing species that require light in larger cage farms. The high quality underwater lights have excellent light distribution, the design allows for easy bulb replacement, functional design and a rugged construction. Quality is always profitable! 
Perfect for fast growing species
Underwater lights are often used for salmon, trout, cod and other fast growing species. Especially in artic areas where the light conditions are poor in the winter time.
Reduced maturation
Our underwater lights can easily be installed in tanks or in cages at various dephts, ensuring stable and accurate light distribution.
Effective feed utilization
Lights suspended at various depths ensure a perfect light distribution. Accurate even light spread of the biomass is vital in tanks with high density and high turbidity water.
Easy installation
You can easily install the underwater lights at fixed depths and positions by using buoys and ropes.
New dimmable light concept
Aurora SubLED 1350 Combi keeps the fish in deeper waters most of the time and reduces louse pressure.
akvaconnect mobile-interface
Optimal light control
Easy user interface allows you to set up your personal light regime in AKVAconnect.

Faster growth, higher harvest weight

By using extra light on i.e. salmon, you will achieve faster growth and achieve higher harvest weight as opposed to not using underwater lights.
akva service visits
AKVA group offer a regular service visit with equipment control and maintenance, including a detailed status report. 
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