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AkvaFlex Recirculation System

AKVAflex - flexible recirculation system

AKVAflex is a new innovative AKVA group concept that integrates our well known recirculation technology and sophisticated AKVAconnect control system in a flexible and easy installation.

As a result of innovation and recent developments it is now possible to get an industrial size recirculation system pre-installed with a minimum on-site setup time, no matter where you want to install it worldwide. Our state of the art recirculation system coupled with the market leading control system AKVAconnect secures an uncontested security in production considering water quality and fish welfare. 
The following is included in the AKVAflex base unit:
• 3 Biofilters 
• Microparticle filter
• CO2 Degasser with active ventilation
• Mechanical filter
• Sludge pump
• Dosing pump for NaOH addition
• Blower for biofilter aeration
• pH, O2, CO2 and level sensors
• All internal pipe work, all valves and all mechanical instalations
• All electrical installations including electrical cabinet
• Complete AKVAconnect control system with computer and sms alarm
A wide range of AKVA group solutions are fully compatible with the AKVAflex solution:

• UV system
• Emergency oxygen systen
• Oxygen cones and pumps
• Measuring Probes
• AKVAconnect integration of existing solutions and equipment on site
• Frequency regulated main pumps
• Container based inlet water unit
• Container based heating unit
• Feed systems
• Underwater or above tank lights
• Camera systems
AKVAflex can be integrated with existing equipment on the site or delivered with additional equipment.
alternativAKVAflex is a competitive alternative to permanent installations and the perfect solution for salt water resirculation.
pe-polyethyleneAKVAflex modules is produced in Poly Ethylene (PE), a light, durable material that is maintenance free and easy to transport.
p1030382Installed in a standard shipping container the AKVAflex is easy and cheap to transport everywhere. The fact that everything is pre-installed secures a smooth and easy installation on-site.
serviceAKVA group offers regular service and maintenance.
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