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AKVA group%27s biofilters effectively eliminates ammonia


AKVA group’s multiple chamber biofilter design provides optimal conditions for the biological process of breaking down ammonia.The key is to ensure that the organic material is consumed by heterotrophic bacteria early on in the biofilter. 

The heterotrophic bacteria multiply more rapidly than the nitrifying bacteria and will therefore dominate the filter if given the chance. The absence of organic material in the subsequent chambers ensures ultra thin biofilm on the filter media, thus provides optimal conditions for nitrification.

The fixed fluidized biofilter technology combines the low operating costs of a fixed filter with the high surfaceto-
volume ratio of a fluidized filter. This ensures effective removal of ammonia at minimum operating costs.

The special construction of the biofilter, combined with the simple, yet clever design of the media, provides an even water flow with maximum bacteria surface contact. The relatively simple design of the media further reduces the demand for biofilter cleaning, which can therefore be fully automated.
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