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Basic HR Camera

A flexible and affordable camera solution

The Akvasmart HR cameras are the world's most popular feeding camera series. These are stationary cameras hanging below the fish's eating area (typically 5 - 8 m), aiming straight up to detect uneaten pellets sinking towards the camera. Basic HR is a simple, reliable and affordable monochrome camera and a smart choice if you need effective feeding control in the cage. Recommended use: Tanks and smaller cages. 
basic-hr-camera-choiceExceptionally sharp and clear video images provides useful information about your fish.
hatcheries-and-smaller-cagesThe Basic HR Camera is a perfect choice for hatcheries and smaller cages. One camera is usually installed in each tank.
transmit-videoA wireless CAP or a simple hardwired network can transmit video camera data to the control room.
video-dataThe video data can be controlled in real time or logged and analyzed later using Fishtalk software.
urethane-underwater-cableRobust urethane underwater cable includes a waterproof connection plug.
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