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CAP Network

Wireless transmission of video and sensor data

This wireless sensor network is an important, integrated part of the Akvasmart CCS feed system. The CAP (Cage Access Point) has two-way data communication with the feed system and is an active part of AKVAconnect. Up to tow underwater video cameras can be connected to each unit, in addition to the built-in surface camera and camera winch. 

The new Digital CAP features include more powerful transmitters, external channel selection, 360 degree adjustable surface camera and directional antennas. The CAP also allows for connection of temperature-, oxygen- and current sensors. Video and sensor data are transmitted wirelessly from each tank to the base. 
network-solutionsThe new wireless CAP can transmit camera and sensor data and can easily be installed on a location.
cap-built-inThe CAP has a built-in surface camera for monitoring fish surface activity and feed spread even in difficult light conditions.
robust-access-pointRobust access point for a wide range of Akvasmart cameras. Non-corrossive materials and low maintenance
temperature-sensorTemperature Sensor combined with the Optical Oxygen Sensor and Current Sensor will provide excellent environmental reference points.
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