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Remote Video System

Monitor fish behavior via internet with Remote Video

Get full overview of what is going on at your farm from home, the office or at another site.

Remote Video provides full access to all cameras installed at the farm, such as surveillance-, surface- and underwater cameras, including zoom, pan/tilt and winch controls. You only need a PC with broadband internet connection to see real-time video from your farm. This makes it a practical tool for showcasing production facilities, such as at the office or at trade-shows and conferences.
wireless-sensor-networkThe advanced wireless sensor network with built-in surface camera can provide live video images from each cage/tank.
remote-video-system-2With broadband Internet access, you have full control of what is happening at your farm.
remote-video-system-3User-friendly menus provide simple operation. From overview to detailed view by clicking on the desired image.
surveillance-zoomWith our Remote Video System and SmartHawk surveillance camera, you can zoom in on details.
portable-cameraUsing a portable camera and a remote video system, problems can be solved without the presence of a specialist.
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