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SmartEye Surveilance Camera

Having problems with unwanted visitors at your farm?

The SmartEye Surveillance Camera provides better control over unwanted visitors, predators, feed spread or simply added safety when working alone at the farm.

This is an advanced surveillance camera with clear colours and unique functionality, that can be operated from the cage, work boat, control room or via the Internet. The 24x optical zoom provides detailed information from your farm.
seabirds-and-sealsDetect unwanted visitors. Birds and other predators can cause damage to your stock.
control-unitA user-friendy Control Unit provides simple control of both pan, tilt and zoom.
smarteye-surveillance-cameraSmartEye Surveillance Camera provides crystal clear video images, even in poor lighting.
surveillance-zoomYou can easily zoom in from a wideangle to view the details you want to see on the location.
surveillance-camera-videoThe surveillance camera provides crystal clear colour video images. Simple user interface ensures easy operation.
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