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CO2 Degasser

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Improved degassing allows higher pH

Accurate CO2 stabilization

Control of carbon dioxide levels is essential for producing a healthy and fast growing fish both in flow through and in recirculated aquaculture systems.

Through extensive experience with degassing both for fresh- and saltwater species AKVA group has developed systems that are both efficient and durable. The use of composite and PE materials with hydrophobic properties ensures low maintenance and products that last even in saltwater.

Negative pressure inside the degasser pulls even more CO2 out of the water. In addition, the built-in ventilation removes all the extracted gases and humidity from the building, significantly improving the degassing efficiency as well as the work environment for the employees. 

The extremely high efficiency of the degasser reduces the total gas pressure in the water, making the oxygen diffuse more readily. This reduces both energy and oxygen consumption. With the most effective degasser on the market, AKVA group is able to offer the best CO2 levels at the lowest possible running costs.
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degasser high resModularized polyethylene degassers with active ventilation can be offered in a wide range of sizes.
in degasserThe degasser can also be an integrated part of each tank; either installed inside the tank or just outside.
akva mai10 135By installing a degasser, CO2 levels decrease significantly and become more stable.
akva mai10 019The degasser design provides a large water surface area for diffusion of gases from water to air.
thai shrimp menLow and stable CO2 levels have a proven effect on fish health, wellbeing, feed utlization and growth.
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