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Environmental Sensors

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Environmental Sensors

A critical feeding parameter

To know the environmental data as temperature, oxygen and current speed are factors that are important inputs when feeding fish. In the Akvasmart CCS Feed System all these factors can be set to automatically control or adjust the feeding. All environmental data will be logged and can be used in further analyses either in AkvaControl or in Fishtalk.
Temperature Sensor
All feeding regimes and growth models are based on temperature. The Akvasmart Temperature Sensor is a robust and reliable sensor that is submerged at desired depth. The data is logged to the CCS feed system software.
Oxygen Sensor
The Optical Oxygen Sensor connects directly to the feed system and can stop the feeding at low oxygen levels in the water. The readings are also logged in the AkvaControl feed system software for later use in analysis.
Network solutions
A hardwired EAP or a smart wireless CAP can transmit all sensor data. These network units can easily be installed on a tank or a pond.
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