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Environmental Sensors

Optical Oxygen Sensor

Robust Oxygen Sensor for extreme conditions

This Optical Oxygen Sensor connects directly to the feed system and can stop the feeding at low oxygen levels in the water.

The readings are also logged in the AkvaControl feed system software for later use in analysis. This optical sensor is a robust and dependable non-membrane sensor with no need for recalibration. 

It only needs periodic cleaning. The principle of operation is to illuminate the oxygen as the reflected light is a measurement of dissolved oxygen in the water. Consequently, there is no need for a water flow passing the sensor, which means the unit can also be used anywhere.

The Optical Oxygen Sensor can be connected to the Akvasmart CCS Feed System with our wireless sensor network – using either CAP (Cage Access Point) or directly via EAP (Environmental Access Point).
real-time-readings-temperatureThe Akvasmart Temperature Sensor always provides accurate real time readings of the temperature conditions for the fish.
fish-environmentUsing the Oxygen Sensor in combination with Current and Temperature Sensor gives a good picture of the fish’ environment.
akva-control-and-fishtalkThe integration between AkvaConnect and Fishtalk provides the opportunity to choose where to perform data analysis
continuous-oxygenContinuous oxygen readings from the cages or tanks are transmitted through the Akvasmart wireless sensor network (CAP).
environmental-accessThe Akvasmart Environmental Access Point (EAP) is a robust and reliable connenction alternative, hardwired or wireless.
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