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Environmental Sensors

Temperature Sensor

Water temperature is a critical parameter for feeding fish

All feeding regimes and growth models are based on temperature.

The Akvasmart Temperature Sensor is a robust and reliable sensor that is submerged at desired depth. Accurate real time readings are displayed and logged by the AkvaControl CCS Feed System software. Temperature data integrated with feedtable in AkvaControl calculates the expected daily feed amount and gives a good overview of the feeding process.
real-time-readings-temperatureThe Akvasmart Temperature Sensor always provides accurate real time readings of the temperature conditions for the fish.
oxygen-sensor-and-current-sensorA Temperature Sensor combined with the Oxygen Sensor (- and Current Sensor) provides a very good reference point.
akvacontrol-and-fishtalkThe integration between AkvaConnect and Fishtalk provides the opportunity to choose where to perform data analysis.
temperature-sensorThe Temperature Sensor can be connected almost anywhere in the CCS feed system. (to CAP, EAP and Feed Selector).
environmental-accessThe Akvasmart Environmental Access Point (EAP) is a robust and reliable connenction alternative, hardwired or wireless.
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