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Environmental Sensors

Optical Oxygen Sensor

Robust Oxygen Sensor for extreme conditions

Oxygen - an important factor for growth and fish welfare. 

The oxygen sensors are with optical reading which reduces the need of calibration, maintains good accuracy and operates with no drift over long-term deployments. On the Oxygen RDO, all this information is stored in the replaceable CAP tip. The optical sensors have a fast response and maintains stability, even in dynamically changing conditions. 
real-time-readings-temperatureThe Akvasmart temperature sensor always provides accurate real time readings of the temperature conditions for the fish.
fish-environmentUsing the Oxygen sensor in combination with Current and Temperature sensor gives a good picture of the fish’ environment.
akva-control-and-fishtalkThe integration between AkvaConnect and Fishtalk provides the opportunity to choose where to perform data analysis.
continuous-oxygenContinuous oxygen readings from the tanks are transmitted through the Akvasmart wireless sensor network (CAP).
environmental-accessThe Akvasmart Environmental Access Point (EAP) is a robust and reliable connenction alternative, hardwired or wireless.
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