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The Akvasmart CCS feed system matches fish appetite

The central feed system concept was invented by AKVA group in 1980, and Akvasmart CCS is today the most popular and reliable feed system worldwide. The system is suitable for all species feeding on pellets. It is now also fully integrated with camera control and environmental sensors, as well as Fishtalk production control software. All feeding and environmental data is stored in the Fishtalk database. This unique integration allows for full overview and control of all operational activities, from farm site to top management. 

The Akvasmart CCS Feed System will feed the correct amount, at the optimal rate, on time, every time. This powerful system provides great opportunities to optimize the entire feeding process.
Outstanding Feed Concept
Akvasmart CCS has been the world’s best selling feed system, both for land based fish farms and cage operations the last 30 years.
Flexible feed line solutions
The CCS Feed Systems are designed to handle more than 40 feed lines running in parallel or a combination of feed lines and regular electric feed hoppers.
Extra careful feed handling
Gentle feed transport is critical for good fish farming production results. Our system handles feed from no.2 crumbled to 25 mm pellets.
The CCS Feed Concept

Correct amount of feed - always served on time

Full control of daily feeding
Full farm overview at a glance. Intuitive and logical screen views at multiple levels such as entire farm, each unit, each feed line or fish group.
Optimal pellet speed
The new Air Control system regulates air speed and ensures gentle feed handling. Significantly reducing the risk of blockage and feed breakage.
A critical feeding parameter
To know the environmental data as temperature, oxygen and current speed are factors that are important inputs when feeding fish.
Tailormade software solutions
AKVAconnect is the leading edge feed system software and a part of the Fishtalk family. New functionality includes meal planner, group feeding and adaptive feeding.
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