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AKVA group provides optimal feeding solutions for shrimp farming

Akvasmart CCS feed system for shrimp farming

Efficient and accurate feeding, blowing feed from central feed silos to each pond with excellent distribution. 

Akvasmart CCS is today the most popular, efficient and reliable feed system worldwide. It is suitable for all shrimp species (using extruded or high quality pelleted feed). The feed is stored in centrally located feed silos and an air blower transports the feed up to 750m through 90mm HDPE pipes to each pond, where the air driven Rotor Spreader distributes the feed over a large area.

The entire process is computer controlled using the user-friendly, but advanced, AKVAconnect feed system software. The system can also be connected to oxygen and temperature sensors. All data are logged for later analysis and "best practice" benchmarking for feeding shrimp. All systems and components are feed care optimized to prevent feed damage during transport.
shrimp-farmFarmed shrimp accounts for 55 % of the shrimp produced globally. The Akvasmart CCS feed system is suitable for all shrimp species.
rotorsprederThe floating surface spreader is tied off in each pond to give all the shrimp easy access to feed and that uneaten pellets end up in the feed trays.
ccs-feed-selectorThe CCS feed selectors can be tailor made for all types of locations and have a max feeding rate for each feed line of 192 kg/min.

Acartia - Live feed copepods

A perfect live feed solution in small bottles. 

After years of research and using different culturing methods for micro algae, we have developed a complete automatic algae bioreactor. We produce algae continuously to ensure a stable high quality production of algae as food for the copepods. This is the first step for a healthy production of a high quality copepod product, since a copepod is what it eats. 

Monitoring and control
The backbone of our production is based on AKVAconnect, that controls and monitors all processes in the system. A unique AKVAconnect PLC module is developed specifically for algae and copepod production. Automation of the production processes thereby decrease product prices for our customers.

Why should I buy Acartia?
Copepods are the booster of marine aquaculture. They are the natural food source for marine fish larvae. In the last 3 decades, the aquaculture sector has dreamed about copepods. Now the dream come true. AKVA group has upscaled roduction of copepods under the brand Acartia.

We grow money for you
Rearing copepods is notoriously difficult. Therefore we do all the hard work producing and growing copepods. Then we harvest, disinfect and store the eggs that can easily be used at your marine fish hatchery. Allows you to focus on what you do best – production of fish. Optimizing your fish production and increasing your profitability. Acartia are the natural food of fish larvae. Now copepods can be produced on an industrial scale. Fish farmers worldwide will be able to increase their production of marine fish larvae. 

Industrial copepod farming will change global marine aquaculture

Feeding with Acartia is a very quick and simple process. After receiving your Acartia product from AKVA group, you have two easy choices: 
  1. Store the Acartia eggs for later usage by keeping them dark and refrigerated at 4°C. Acartia can be cold-stored safely until the expiry date stated on the product.
  2. Hatch your Acartia strait away and use them as live fed for your fish.
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