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Flow-through Systems

Flow Through Systems

The Flow Through Concept

The Flow Through Concept

Dedicated quality products for various species

Throughout the world, flow through systems exist in a wide variety of forms, from extensive production in ponds to industrial scale smolt production in the industry of Salmon and Trout Aquaculture. AKVA group deliver a wide range of components to these landbased flow through systems. Based on specific needs and requirements we can deliver anything from tanks, filters, degassing, oxygensystems etc. By choosing AKVA group products you can tailor each product to meet the biological requirements of various species both in fresh- and salt water. Choosing AKVA group as a partner means top of the line products and a partnership to rely on.
Intensive Flow Trough
AKVA group has a wide range of high technology products to increase the production on a given water source. The level of technology typically includes automatic addition of liquid oxygen, removal of carbon dioxide, centralized feed system etc.
Semi Intensive Flow Through
In semi intensive systems AKVA group can provide a wide range of product and services to meet spesific requirements suitable for any landbased location.
Extensive Flow Trough
In traditional land based open ponds or raceways, AKVA group can offer quality products such as pipes, feed system units and environmental sensors to an affordable cost.
Mechanical filtration
An efficient mechanical particle filter removes particles on the inlet water and will improve water quality and increase bio security. Also used to reduce environmental impact.
UV treatment
The UV Filter provides efficient ultra violet water disinfection at low costs. This removes pathogens that could otherwise harm your fish.
Effective degassing
The CO2 Stripper provides efficient CO2 removal at low energy costs, including efficient stripping of nitrogen.
Automatic oxygen control
Stable oxygen levels are essential to all aquaculture systems, as periodical drops in oxygen levels reduce fish appetite, increase stress levels and mortality.
Process control
The system is designed for optimal industrial control of the processes and activities on fish farms. The system offers full control, surveillance and integration of machines, sensors and all processes on the fish farm.
Pipes and pipework
Polarcirkel pipes are available in a wide range of models, shapes and sizes to suit individual needs and offer many benefits. They are straight pressure pipes made from HDPE raw materials especially suited for continuous use in harsh environments.
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