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Header Pumps

 mg pumper 6950 dt

Perfectly tuned water flow with custom designed pumps

Custom designed pumps ensure maximum operation
All components in the AKVA group Recirculation System have been carefully designed to ensure minimal head loss. Therefore, the water only needs to be lifted a minimal height by the header pumps for each cycle. Custom designed pumps secures the operations.

Reliable performance - almost maintenance free 
The highly reliable custom designed pumps can also be delivered in saltwater resistant materials. These custom made propeller type pumps are extremely efficient for lifting large amounts of water with low head, and frequency control ensures optimal RPM and a long lifespan. Therefore, the recirculation system water flow is be perfectly tuned according to the biomass in the system.

grundfos%2c pump 2 Multi-purpose end-suction pump. The ideal solution in oxygen cones and can also be applied in CO2 degassing.
grundfos%2c pump3Multi stage centrifugal pump- A perfect wash down pump for drum filter cleansing.
flow-propeller-pump2015Designed for CO2 degassing.
industrial-quality-pumps-2015The custom designed pumps from AKVA group are known for high performance and low maintenance.
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