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Effective and reliable particle filtration

Mechanical Filters

Mechanical filters - Effective and reliable particle filtration

Mechanical filters for; inlet water filtration, effluent water filtration, filtration in recirculation systems and re-use systems. 

Filtering the inlet water to the farm will secure clean water by reducing the organic loading from outside and reducing the impact of invasive organisms. Also treatment of outlet water from farms before discharge is most often done efficiently by the use of mechanical filtration removing faeces from the farming process. In the recirculation farms, the main purpose of the mechanical filter is to remove the organic particles inside the system to secure a low and stable concentration of organic matter for keeping the biofilter performance optimal at all times.
Mechanical filters ensures clean water to the fish farm.
Drum filters
  • More capacity per m2 filter area than seen before. Drain perfectly for minimal sludge water each m3 filtered water. Durable and easy to replace.
  • High efficient SEW gear motor with speed regulation and soft start directly on the gear, no shielded cable needed during installation.
  • Heavy main construction of drum, frame and with duplex chain drive for strong and soft pull.
  • Fully UV resistant PE main cover, PE motor cover and PE chain box to avoid any corrosive issues.
  • Standard mounting option for installing spray pressure pump directly on the filter frame.
  • Option for control that regulates the duty of the filter measuring actual differential pressure. Optimizes the water and power consumption dramatically.
mechanical-filtrationEffective filtration ensures a low and stable load of organic material, and is therefore crucial for the performance of the biofilter.
automatic-cleaning-processThrough the automatic cleaning processes, only minimal maintenance is required.
new-mechanical-filterThe new Mechanical filters are now supported worldwide with staff specialised in aquaculture.
akvaconnectAKVAconnect provides the ability to gather data and combine information from all levels of the operations.
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