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High oxygen levels are essential

High oxygen levels are essential

Oxygenation must be efficient
and safe. 

Correct oxygen levels are essential for high fish welfare and growth in all aquaculture systems. In modern farming the use of pure oxygen has become a vital parameter in reaching production goals. Efficient and reliable systems for pure oxygen injection is therefore of utmost importance.

The injection of pure oxygen to the process water can be accomplished in different ways:
  • Oxygen Cones operating at high pressure placed centrally or next to each tank to secure optimal mixing of oxygen into tanks.
  • Venturi Injectors specially designed for saltwater conditions making use of the jet effect to increase oxygen uptake in the water. 
  • Low Head oxygenation using the higher water pressure at the bottom of wells or shafts to increase the efficiency of dissolving oxygen in the farming system. 
  • Leaky Pipes used for simple diffusion most often used in emergency situations or to handle peak situations for short periods of time.
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