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Maintenance free, flexible solutions

AKVA group has one of the most modern production lines for polyethylene pipes in Europe and thousands of kilometers have been delivered since 1971. These are straight pressure pipes made from HDPE raw materials especially suited for continuous use in harsh environments, and are based on decades of experience. Polarcirkel pipes are available in a wide range of models, shapes and sizes to suit individual needs and offer many benefits over competing systems, including: No corrosion or decay caused by the electrolytic process and no risk of material deterioration as algaes, bacterias or multicellular organisms are not able to stick to the material. Polarcirkel pipes are produced according to NS-EN 12201 and fullfill the requirements in INSTA-CERT sertification system.
State-of-art technology
Sophisticated machinery and highly experienced personel produces pipes in a wide range of models, shapes and sizes to suit individual needs.
500 m lenghts in one piece
Underwater pipelines for municipal water supply have been supplied to cities along the entire Norwegian coast. Continuous lengths of up to 500 m are available.
Rough conditions
Flexible and durable feeding pipes for aquaculture cages designed for rough weather conditions are available in various dimentions.
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